Compassionate Systems presentation at SCARP

This is a talk I gave at the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning in 2015. Panellists were behaviour change practitioners, and I was asked specifically about Community Based Social Marketing and the behaviour of water conservation.


Why is changing behaviour so hard? In this slidecast I share a way of answering that question, and how Compassionate Systems can increase the effectiveness of our work.

This was recorded at the Invasive Species forum in Richmond, BC, in January 2013. Apologies for the occasionally tinny sound—and, of course, it is only a slidecast. Think of it as a podcast with a screensaver.


anatomy of thriftWe met Andrew Plotsky in a roundabout way—he made a short film about B. for Naturally, when we heard he was coming up, we googled him up and watched a bunch of his stuff. I encourage you to do the same, and I encourage you to start with On the Anatomy of Thrift, Farmrun’s series about the philosophy behind Farmstead Meatsmith, a ‘personal abbatoir’ on Vashon Island. They are mesmerizing, inspiring, beautiful and challenging.


The Top Ten Myths of Behaviour Change

The Top Ten Myths of Behaviour Change from Brock Macdonald of the Recycling Council of British Columbia, on Vimeo.