Wednesday Link Waterfall

While we were away, all of our lettuce bolted—so I collected the seed. I have enough lettuce seed for approximately 20 years now, though the seed life of lettuce is often said to be around three years. Maybe I can give some away… I was curious if freshly collected seed would germinate for our fall [...]

Wednesday Link Waterfall

I was going to put a photo of my crazy-vigorous tomato seedlings here – but then, while inspecting the hive, I saw the queen strolling around. She is huge! By length, a little over twice as long as a worker. By weight, I bet she is four times heavier. I actually saw her laying eggs, [...]

Wednesday Link Waterfall

Click the picture for a closer look at tomato seedlings growing in 4″ soil blocks. In the last couple of weeks they have grown taller, but I am most happy with how robust their stems are. The tomatos are accompanied by a riper lemon and bunch more seedlings in soil blocks. A cascade of goodness, [...]

Wednesday Link Waterfall.

There is a lot to do around here: flats and flats of seedlings, a sewing project, pruning, and so much more. Even though lemon, lime and olive have handily survived our mild winter, I am teasing the Norns by putting my tomato seedling out in the unheated greenhouse with temperatures dropping to 5°C overnight. I [...]

On the Anatomy of Thrift—videos by Farmrun

We met Andrew Plotsky in a roundabout way—he made a short film about B. for Naturally, when we heard he was coming up, we googled him up and watched a bunch of his stuff. I encourage you to do the same, and I encourage you to start with On the Anatomy of Thrift, Farmrun’s [...]