Vertical farms: the greatest hope for cities, or a band-aid on a sucking chest wound?

I sometimes find myself making negative comments about vertical farming. This happened again today, and the facebook friend to whom I responded replied very openly with, “Well, what then? Green belts?” So rather than continue my terse and impatient crypticism on social media, I will try to respond comprehensively. My analysis, as with all analyses, rests [...]

Is our localism too artisanal?

I recently reviewed Jean-Martin Fortier’s book The Market Gardener (summary: Excellent. Buy it) and was reminded of a philosophical and yet very practical farming question I asked him over beer. “Since the economy is contracting, and for many reasons we believe the trend will be a general worsening of quality of life, what is your succession [...]

First they came for the Posties, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Postie…

Let me start this with a confession. I am a fiscally conservative radical leftist—and I think we need a new understanding of how an economy should serve society, and what sort of society we want our economy to serve. Our economy got personal this morning. My clock radio woke me to the news that Canada [...]

Why Green is not Sustainable.

“An Environmentalist on the Lie of Locavorism” crossed my desk the other day. It’s a pretty eye-catching title, pitting “An Environmentalist” against local eating and urban farming, darlings of greens and urban planners everywhere – and calling them liars, to boot. That is a pretty big brag. But it didn’t take much reading to see [...]

On Democracy, Meaning, & Feeling Insane.

(or, When in doubt, plant beans.)

In British Columbia—where we live the Small and Delicious Life—it has been just twelve hours since the election was called for the expand-business-as-usual B.C. Liberal Party. For a little excitement, the leader of the party lost her riding, and so a byelection is likely in the near future. After the election was called by media [...]