How many species will that cost?

This is my contribution to a group of Earth Day posts, mostly written by people I have met in the comments section of Small Farm Futures. I encourage you to enjoy the efforts of Jody and Michelle at animasoul, Clem at Gulliver’s Pulse, Brian at The South Roane Agrarian, and of course, Chris at Small [...]

Universal Income may increase environmental damage.

I recently had a social media conversation about Universal Basic Income, and I would like to expand on it here. I think a UBI may greatly increase our environmental impact—and produce only a more equitable arrangement of deck chairs on the Titanic. The conversation arose when I was asked to explain my reaction to the [...]

The Life and Death of Bun-bun.

There has been some heartfelt times around the urban homestead recently. Our doe rabbit Apple had stopped producing reliable litters of kits, and so for the first time we put one of our breeding rabbits on the dinner table. I have some precedents in my childhood, particularly when Abby the Goat finally got too old. [...]

At the end of the world, there is plenty to do.

“Well, should we just give up then?” If only I had a dollar for every time I have heard this, always from well-meaning people. It is all too common if you talk about climate change, constraints on energy and mineral resources, or the erosion of social cohesion in our complex and overpopulated world. In other words, [...]

Do street trees increase the environmental impact of cities?

Trees are green, right? And green is good, right? So trees must be good, right? How could trees be bad for the environment? Many of us have a sense that we are not on the right path; in our bones we feel the damage we do to this planet really does matter. And often we cling [...]