At the end of the world, there is plenty to do.

“Well, should we just give up then?” If only I had a dollar for every time I have heard this, always from well-meaning people. It is all too common if you talk about climate change, constraints on energy and mineral resources, or the erosion of social cohesion in our complex and overpopulated world. In other words, [...]

Do street trees increase the environmental impact of cities?

Trees are green, right? And green is good, right? So trees must be good, right? How could trees be bad for the environment? Many of us have a sense that we are not on the right path; in our bones we feel the damage we do to this planet really does matter. And often we cling [...]

Vertical farms: A bad solution to the wrong problem.

Sustainable means able to be sustained, and the alternative, then, is things that are unable to be sustained. What part of unable to continue suggests we continue right down the same path? It is like my whole culture is gaslighting me because I feel so crazy. Putting a finer point on it, I have long been [...]

We have enough Ideas (or, No pie for you.)

Why are we not winning the fight against climate chaos? Why was Trump just elected? Why has there been a slaughter of drug addicts this year? Because we think about change wrong, and so our efforts are often wasted. Three things are needed to make change;  we need three capacities. We need the Technical capacity, the [...]

Vertical farms: the greatest hope for cities, or a band-aid on a sucking chest wound?

  I sometimes find myself making negative comments about vertical farming. This happened again today, and the facebook friend to whom I responded replied very openly with, “Well, what then? Green belts?" So rather than continue my terse and impatient crypticism on social media, I will try to respond comprehensively. My analysis, as with all analyses, [...]