How to make Sauerkraut or pickled vegetables the easiest and cheapest way possible

(crocks are for holding umbrellas)

Making ‘kraut is incredibly easy to do, and you will be richly rewarded for your few minutes of work. If you have never made sauerkraut before, feel free to skip down to the instructions. This super easy method requires almost no equipment, and eliminates the need for anything expensive like fancy crocks or airlock lids. In [...]

Skill, joy, and shaving.

I wrote this about five years ago, but had no place to publish it. After the topic of his most recent post veered to razors, John Michael Greer suggested I post it. Joy is a thread that runs through our Small and Delicious Life, but this column is explicitly about joy. And shaving. For much of my [...]

Is our localism too artisanal?

I recently reviewed Jean-Martin Fortier's book The Market Gardener (summary: Excellent. Buy it) and was reminded of a philosophical and yet very practical farming question I asked him over beer. "Since the economy is contracting, and for many reasons we believe the trend will be a general worsening of quality of life, what is your succession [...]

Review: The Market Gardener. Summary: Excellent.

The first piece of swag to come out of writing this blog hit my mailbox this spring, when I was asked to review Jean-Martin Fortier's book The Market Gardener. Sadly, they did not also send me a broadfork. Carmen and I were also able to enjoy a one-day workshop with Jean-Martin, put on by the Young [...]

In which I get sweary about pre-grated cheese.

  One of my comfort foods is whole-wheat macaroni with vegetables. Since I am a lazy cook and reluctant dishwasher I have always just grated cheese and sprinkled it on top of the noodles then stirred it into a clumpy and unevenly distributed mess. I have only made a cheese sauce twice before, and both times [...]